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The Feeling of My Troubled Love
Friday, June 26, 2009 happyy-stopp written by minuette

happyy-stoppA Shinshi Doumei Cross Review : Volume 1

Ah, here we go. Shinshi Doumei Cross, my once most-loved manga series ~ I really like Arina's artwork, it's cute! And there are many things that unfold in the series, keeping the readers desperate for more <3 I followed this series chapter by chapter, enduring the tedious wait of a chapter each month from the scanslations until the very end ^^ I'll try and compose myself for this review ><;;

So the story is about a high school freshman, Haine Otomiya, going into an aristocratic school, where there are rankings and hierarchy between students. She's the typical high school girl; a klutz, air-head, always daydreaming about her crush, and so on. She's the lowest ranking class of the school, and -what do you know-, she likes the most popular guy at school. Or perhaps I shouldn't say it in a cliche kind of way. He's the highest rank. The emperor! Yes, he's the cool and most-respected Shizumasa-sama who basically runs the whole school. (And here I'm wondering why they still have a principal if he makes all the decisions...) So the story goes on, Haine has a best friend, the beautiful, more composed, supporting, yet mysterious one, Ushio. School's pretty normal with the usual daydreaming and sneaking glances at her crush every moment she's able to...then she gets upgraded to student council where she could see Shizumasa-sama everyday, but that doesn't really help...-trails off-

Oh. I must also add that Haine-chan's a yankee. Who knew a cute girl like her could be so....violent? o.o But there's reasoning for turning to her darkness, which makes the story a bit less typical and more serious in a sense. Nevertheless, Haine-chan's just adorable. She has so many little dense moments, funny moments...not to mention when a mini sheep fell out of the sky and hit her on the head xD Then she used him to cover her face and sneaks around, hoping no one notices her. -facepalm- But, it's nice to see that once in a while she has her serious, deeper moments too. Anyways, the book ends with a bit of hope for Haine contrast to her failure attempts to get Shizumasa's attention, let alone talk to him, so this book ends with a sweet touch.

Then again...Shizumasa's mine. So maybe I shouldn't be so encouraging of the ending xD Stay away Haine-chan >3>""
Excuse me, I'm going to go fawn over pictures of Shizumasa-sama now >///<""
(or not...)


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Hikaru sure likes to spazz doesn't he~
Thursday, June 25, 2009 happyy-stopp written by acexhearts

happyy-stoppA Hikaru no Go Review : Volume 1

As for Hikaru no Go, this is probably my third time rereading it and it's still extremely interesting. The story's about this boy who finds an old Go board in his grandpa's attic with blood splattered on it. Although there's blood, this manga is definitely not gory in any way, even the ghost is, well not so much like a ghost. As Hikaru attempts to clean the Go board, a ghost named Fujiwara Sai, who was attached to the board awakens. The ghost then attaches himself onto Hikaru, wanting to play Go.

I thought the story went on with a pretty good pace, it wasn't dragging on or anything, as Hikaru's rival appeared in the second chapter. As a fangirl, I find Akira Touya to be absolutely adorable, but that's just me. Anyways, the manga has really good flow. Hikaru slowly becomes attracted to the game Go, but it takes time, which is what makes it realistic. I don't expect him to suddenly be in love with the game in the first chapter. Go is a rather old game, so a normal kid like Hikaru would naturally find it, well boring.

The comedy parts in the manga are pretty funny. It's Sai's chibi expressions that make me laugh everytime, a ghost sobbing isn't something you see everyday. Since no one else can see Sai, it always looks like Hikaru's talking to himself.

Anyways, really good first volume : ] onemanga's perfect for reading it~


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A Heartbroken Hachi
Wednesday, June 24, 2009 happyy-stopp written by minuette

happyy-stopp A NANA Review

I love Hachi's face expressions <3 I think I'll start with her at the beginning of every review.

I've been quite captivated by the story of NANA, for the fact that it shows real life problems that many encounter, but also, the plot is quite genius. As a person who believes in fate (just like Hachi), this is a great example of how life can change so dramatically just by meeting one person. Also, it's quite special that two people with the same name, same age, and same destination would meet each other.

From the beginning of the series, Nana-chan's personality really caught my attention. I envy her independence and her cool character, but also the fact that she has soft and kind side. She was probably automatically my favourite character. Her character changes throughout the story though, and I think the best of her personality and character is shown now, rather than later on. Ironically, my own character is very much like Hachi's, the dependent puppy who follows others and always need help. I can always relate to her actions and cute personality. Perhaps this is why I'm so envious and amazed at Nana-chan...because I want to be someone like her ^^;;

The anime version of NANA is more interesting compared to the manga or the movies. The way they portrayed the characters were a bit more lively, fun, and with a good dose of cute anime expressions and actions here and there. The part where Nana and Hachi were touring the same apartment, then fighting over on who gets it was pretty funny =D I also noticed that Nana has a bit more open personality, compared to cold stares sometimes noticed in the movie, and mature character in the manga. Hachi is just adorable~ She's so energetic and lively ^^ Anyways, I also want to make a note that I love opening song and especially the first ending song. Olivia Lufkin is an amazing singer <3


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Ciel's amazing table-cloth-pulling skills ..
Tuesday, June 23, 2009 happyy-stopp written by acexhearts

happyy-stopp A Kuroshitsuji Review : Episode 1

The beginning of episode one started out rather, erm strangely. One of my questions might've been why was there a boy wearing nothing but a blanket floating in the middle of nowhere? The blanket was probably somewhere on the short side as well. The pairing was probably what had caught my attention the most, Ciel and the butler Sebastian. A cute twelve year old boy being served by a butler twice his height, was definitely a little suggestive ;) *coughBLcough*.

I enjoyed the Victorian era theme in the anime, like Ciel and Sebastian's suits and the decorations. The maid and co was pretty hilarious throughout the episode, it was funny how they couldn't manage to do anything right ( the burnt meat, the garden, broken dishes). I loved it when the maid tried to poor wine with her broken glasses and Sebastian whispering something into her ear, so cute! The trio always ended up getting scolded by Sebastian, so they were probably my favorite characters! There was also the guy who kept on sipping on tea (sorry, I forgot his name), he had "ho-ho-ho" laugh which was funny and strange.

Sebastian's personality caught me by surprise a little bit, be seemed like a 'reserved' man who only did what his master would tell him. Yet, Sebastian was pretty much the one running things, with a perfectionist personality. Also, I love his superb table-cloth-pulling-with-everything-still-in-place skill.

At first, when Ciel was playing that board game with the Mr.Damian, I thought he was just a spoiled brat. Although later I found out that Mr.Damian was just a bad guy who sold the factory. Even so, my opinion of Ciel really didn't change, he lacked something to make him interesting, he seems like another kid who's parents died but left him this magnificent mansion and now he trusts nobody.

To be honest, the series seemed like Godchild, the pairings at least, and also the victorian era and crime solving. That was pretty much why I started this series in the first place, and after watching the first episode, it seemed like a decent anime.

NOTE: er, after reading this I sound extremely picky and pessimistic and I apologize for that. Please don't be offended by anything I say, I mean it's a good anime, I'm just picky out the bad parts~


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Welcome to Arietta
Monday, June 22, 2009 happyy-stopp written by Arietta

Hey everyone, this is Arietta an anime blog, and we hope you enjoy your stay. It's a summer project for two otaku-ish teenagers who really don't have much to do. Currently, the site's a bit empty. Since we just started working on this three days ago, we still need to add a lot of things.

Currently watching (and rewatching):

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